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Printer Reference
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Preparing the Machine
This chapter describes how to connect this printer to your computer, and install the printer driver.
Printing Documents
This chapter explains how to print documents using the printer driver. It also describes the procedure for configuring staple, punch, fold and other printing functions.
Using the Control Panel
This chapter explains how to use the normal screen and the print screen to perform operations such as changing tray settings and browsing the printer information.
Printing a PDF File Directly
This chapter explains how to use PDF direct print.
Printer Features
This chapter describes the user tools that are available in the Printer Features menu.
Enhancing Printer Security
This chapter explains the functions that you can apply to enhance the security of this printer.This printer has various functions that can prevent unauthorized access, usage, changes to settings, and data copying.Only the administrator can enable or disable security functions. For details about the functions that can enhance this printer's security and how to configure them, contact your administrator.The IEEE 802.1X authentication function is not available for a print network.Although the settings for IEEE 802.1X are displayed on the operation panel and Web Interface, they cannot be configured. On the printed list of settings, the settings for IEEE 802.1X will always be shown as Inactive.
Using Mac OS X
This chapter explains how to use this printer under Mac OS X.