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Installing the PostScript 3 Printer Driver


  • Before installing the PostScript 3 printer driver, obtain the printer's IP address settings. For details, see Changing the Host Interface Menu.

  • To install this printer driver, you must have an account that has Manage Printers permission. Log on as an Administrators or Power Users group member.

1Close all applications except this manual.

2Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

The installer starts.

3Select an interface language, and then click [OK].

The default interface language is English.

4Click [PostScript 3 Printer Driver].

The Add Printer Wizard starts.

5Click [Next >].

6Click [Local printer], and then click [Next >].

In a Windows Vista environment, click [Add a local printer].

7Click [Create a new port].

8In the drop-down menu, select [Standard TCP/IP Port], and then click [Next >].

The [Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard] dialog box appears.

9Click [Next >].

10Enter the printer's IP address in the [Port Name] box, and then click [Next >].

The IP address you enter here is the address you have checked on the configuration page.

In a Windows Vista environment, make the following settings in the dialog box that appears, and then click [Next >].

  1. In [Device Type] list, select an item.

    You can select [Autodetect], [TCP/IP Device], or [Web Services Device].

  2. Enter an IP address in the [Hostname or IP address:] box.

  3. If necessary, enter an port name in the [Port name] box.

11Click [Finish].

12Check that the name of this printer whose driver you want to install is selected, and then click [Next >].

13Change the printer name if you want, and then click [Next >].

Select the [Yes] check box to configure the printer as default.

14Specify whether or not to share this printer, and then click [Next >].

15Specify whether or not to print a test page, and then click [Next >].

16Click [Finish].

The printer driver installation starts.


  • When you click [Finish], the [Digital Signature Not Found] dialog box may appear. To continue the installation, click [Yes].

  • Auto Run might not work under certain operating system settings. If this is the case, launch “Setup.exe” from the CD-ROM root directory.

  • The printer driver in the selected language will be installed.

  • To stop the selected software installation, click [Cancel] before the installation is complete.