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Printing the Configuration Page

Use the following procedure to print the configuration page.


  • The configuration page is printed on A4 or Letter (81/2 " × 11 ") size paper from the priority tray. Load this size of paper into the priority tray before printing the configuration page.

1Press the [Menu] key.


The menu screen appears.

2Press [Up arrow key] or [Down arrow key] to display [List/Test Print], and then press the [#Enter] key.

3Press [Up arrow key] or [Down arrow key] to display [Config. Page], and then press the [#Enter] key.

The configuration page is printed. The [List/Test Print] screen appears on completion of printing.

4Press the [Menu] key to return to the initial screen.


  • If you start configuration page printing when appropriate paper is not loaded, an error message appears. If this happens, load appropriate paper in a tray, and then perform a form feed, or cancel the job.