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If the network printer search fails

This section explains how to reconfigure the settings if the network printer search fails during the installation.

Use the control panel to check the printer's IP address settings, and then reconfigure these settings if necessary.

Reconfigure the printer's IP address

Use the control panel to obtain the printer's current IP address settings by checking the [IP Address], [Subnet Mask], and [Gateway Address] settings. You can change these settings if necessary. For details, see Changing the Host Interface Menu.

Reconfigure the port settings

  1. On the [Start] menu, open the [Printers] window.

  2. Click the icon of this printer. On the [File] menu, click [Properties].

    The printer properties appears.

  3. Click the [Ports] tab, and then click [Add Port].

  4. Click [Standard TCP/IP Port], and then click [New Port...].

    The Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard appears.

  5. Click [Next >].

  6. Enter the printer's IP address that is printed on the test page, and then click [Next >].

  7. Click [Finish].