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When Paper is Jammed

If a paper jam occurs, the Alert indicator on the control panel flashes and one of the following messages appears on the control panel:

“Remove Misfeed Internal Path”

“Remove Misfeed Tray 1”

“Remove Misfeed Tray 2”

“Paper Misfeed Duplex Unit”

“Remove Misfeed Paper Exit”

Check the location and remove the jammed paper.


  • The inside of this printer becomes very hot. Do not touch the parts labelled “” (indicating a hot surface).

  • The fusing section of this machine might be very hot. Caution should be taken when removing misfed paper.


  • Misfed paper may be covered in toner. Be careful not to get toner on your hands or clothes.

  • Toner on prints made after removing misfed paper may be loose (inadequately fused). Make a few test prints until smudges no longer appear.

  • Do not forcefully remove misfed paper, it will tear. Torn pieces remaining inside the printer will cause further misfeeds and possibly damage the printer.

  • Paper jams can cause pages to be lost. Check your print job for missing pages and reprint any pages that did not print out.


  1. Remove Misfeed Internal Path

    There is a paper jam in the fusing unit.

    See When “Remove Misfeed Internal Path” Appears.

  2. Remove Misfeed Tray 1

    There is a paper jam in Tray 1.

    See When “Remove Misfeed Tray 1” Appears.

  3. Remove Misfeed Tray 2

    There is a paper jam in Tray 2.

    See When “Remove Misfeed Tray 2” Appears.

  4. Paper Misfeed Duplex Unit

    There is a paper jam in the duplex unit.

    See When “Paper Misfeed Duplex Unit” Appears.

  5. Remove Misfeed Paper Exit

    There is a paper jam in the fusing unit.

    See When “Remove Misfeed Paper Exit” Appears.