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Additional Troubleshooting



Strange noise is heard.

If a supply was recently replaced or an option attached in the area the strange noise is coming from, check the supply or option is properly attached. If the strange noise persists, contact your sales or service representative.

No e-mail is received when an Alert occurs, and after resolving an Alert.

  • Confirm the setting using either the control panel or Web Image Monitor.

    Control panel

    Press the [Menu] key, select [System], and then press the [#Enter] key. Press the [Down arrow key] or [Up arrow key] key to display [Auto Email Ntfy], and then confirm that [On] is selected.

    Web Image Monitor

    Confirm that [Auto E-mail Notification] is set to [On].

  • When the power is turned off before the e-mail is transmitted, the e-mail will not be received.

  • Check the e-mail address set for the destination. If the e-mail was sent but not received, it is possible the destination was incorrect. Also check error mail information from the e-mail server.

No e-mail notification is received even though advance auto e-mail notification was set using Web Image Monitor or the control panel.

After changing the setting, turn the main unit's power off and then back on again.

When no date information is included in sent e-mail, the mail server has a malfunction.

Make the setting for obtaining time information from the SMTP server. For details, see “Printer Status Notification by E-Mail”, Software Guide.


  • If the printer is still not operating satisfactorily, contact your sales or service representative. Consult with the store where the printer was purchased for information about the location of sales or service representatives.