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Duplex Copying

This section describes how to make duplex copies.

Copies two 1-sided pages or one 2-sided page onto a 2-sided page.


1 Sided 2 Sided

Copies two 1-sided pages on one 2-sided page.

Illustration of Duplex

2 Sided 2 Sided

Copies one 2-sided page on one 2-sided page.

Illustration of Duplex

Original orientation and completed copies

The resulting copy image will differ according to the orientation in which you place your originals (Portrait or Landscape).

The table shows the orientation of images on the front and back of copies, not the orientation of delivery.

Illustration of Duplex

  1. Press [Dup./Combine/Series].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  2. Make sure that [Duplex] is selected. If [Duplex] is not selected, press [Duplex].

  3. Select [1 Sided 2 Sided] or [2 Sided 2 Sided].

    Operation panel screen illustration

    To change the original or copy orientation, press [Orientation].

  4. Press [OK].

  5. Place the originals, and then press the [Start] key.



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