User GuideIM C2000/C2500/C3000/C3500/C4500/C5500/C6000 series

Installing an Application from Application Site

Applications are available for expanding the functionality of the machine. You can install these applications from the control panel (Application Site).


  • Only the device administrator can install applications when administrator authentication is enabled.

Installing an Application

1Press [Application Site] on the Home screen.

Operation panel screen illustration

Press the [All] or [Search by Category] tab on the application list screen to change the displayed screen.

  • Show All Applications.

    Operation panel screen illustration
  • Show the Applications in Separate Categories.

    Operation panel screen illustration

2On the application list screen, select the application to install, and then press [Install].

If terms of service are available, carefully read them.

You may need to enter a product key to install some applications.

3Press [Close] after installation.


  • If a message is displayed notifying that JavaVM is disabled and the application cannot be installed, enable JavaVM Platform under [Extended Feature Settings] in Web Image Monitor. To enable this setting, you must install an optional VM card in the machine.

  • The contact information of the installed application is displayed on the screen of each application.

Updating an Application

Use the following procedure when the latest version of an installed application is available:

1Press [Application Site] on the Home screen.

Operation panel screen illustration

If updates are available for some applications, a message is displayed in the upper part of the screen when displaying the application list screen.

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Update].

If the message disappears before pressing the update key, use the [Admin. Menu] (Operation panel screen illustration) displayed in the upper right part of the screen to display the update screen.

3Press [Update] on the application to update.

To update all displayed applications, press [Update All].

4Press [Close] after updating is completed.

Uninstalling an Application

Use [Admin. Menu] to uninstall an application.

1Press [Application Site] on the Home screen.

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Admin. Menu].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select the [Managed Items] tab and press [Application List/Uninstallation].

Operation panel screen illustration

4Press [Uninstall] displayed next to the application to uninstall.

5Press [Close] after uninstallation is completed.

List of Items in [Admin. Menu]

The items displayed on the screen vary depending on the version of RICOH Always Current Technology that is implemented on the machine.

Operation panel screen illustration numbered callout illustration





Application List/Uninstallation

Uninstalls an application.


Region/Extension Code

Displays the screen that was displayed when the Application Site was accessed for the first time. You can specify the region and extension code again.


Newly Arrived Update Notice

Specify whether to display a notification on the Home screen when a new application or update is available.


RICOH Always Current Technology

Specify whether machine functions are installed automatically. When this setting is disabled, you should install functions manually.


Firmware Management

Updates the firmware of the machine or reverts it to the previous version. You can set a time to delay the update up to 99 hours so the update is performed over the weekend or outside office hours.


Auto Update

Specify whether to update applications automatically.


Terms of Service

Displays the terms of service for accessing Application Site.