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Registering and Changing Administrators

If administrator authentication is specified, we recommend only one person take each administrator role.

Sharing administrator tasks facilitates each administrator's tasks while also preventing unauthorized administrator operations. You can register up to 4 login user names (Administrators 1-4) to which you can grant administrator privileges.

An administrator's privileges can only be changed by an administrator with the relevant privileges.

Be sure to assign all administrator privileges so that each administrator privilege is associated with at least one administrator.

For details about logging in and logging out with administrator authentication, see Administrator Login Method and Administrator Logout Method.

1Log in as an administrator from the control panel.

2Press [System Settings].

3Press [Administrator Tools].

4Press [Down arrow keyNext].

5Press [Program / Change Administrator].

Operation panel screen illustration

6In the line for the administrator whose privilege you want to specify, press [Administrator 1], [Administrator 2], [Administrator 3] or [Administrator 4], and then press [Change].

Operation panel screen illustration

When allocating administrators' privileges to one person each, select one administrator under each category as shown below.

Operation panel screen illustration

To combine multiple administrator privileges, assign multiple administrator privileges to a single administrator.

For example, to assign machine administrator privileges and user administrator privileges to [Administrator 1], press [Administrator 1] in the lines for the machine administrator and the user administrator.

7Press [Change] for "Login User Name".

8Enter the login user name, and then press [OK].

9Press [Change] for "Login Password".

10Enter the login password, and then press [OK].

Follow the password policy to strengthen the login password.

For details about the password policy and how to specify it, see Specifying the Extended Security Functions.

11Enter the login password for confirmation again, and then press [OK].

12Press [Change] for "Encryption Password".

13Enter the encryption password, and then press [OK].

14Enter the encryption password for confirmation again, and then press [OK].

15Press [OK] twice.

You will be automatically logged out.