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Registering Entered Destinations to the Address Book

This section explains how to register a directly entered fax, IP-Fax, Internet Fax, or e-mail destination to the Address Book.

You can also register recent destinations with the following procedure on the [Recent Destinations] screen. (Press [Program Dest.] instead of [Prg. Dest.].)

1Press [Prg. Dest.].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Names] and enter any necessary information.

Operation panel screen illustration

When registering an e-mail destination, select [E-mail / Internet Fax Destination] for [Use E-mail Address for].

3Press [OK].


  • For details about registering destinations, see "Registering Addresses and Users for Facsimile/Scanner Functions", Connecting the Machine/ System Settings.

  • Depending on the security settings, [Prg. Dest.] might not appear and you might not be able to register the destination.