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Label Paper

Paper type setting using the control panel

The [Menu] key > [Paper Input] > [Paper Type: (tray name)] > [Label Paper] > the [OK] key

Paper type setting using the printer driver


Supported input tray

Any input tray can be used.


Default: [Label Paper 1]

  • [Label Paper 1]

  • [Label Paper 2]

  • [Label Paper 3]

  • [Label Paper 4]

If prints made using the paper tray show heavy smudging, use the following procedure to change the paper type setting from the control panel:

  • Press the [Menu] key, select [Maintenance], [General Settings], [Label Paper Setting], and then select [Label Paper 1], [Label Paper 2], [Label Paper 3], or [Label Paper 4].

When specifying paper thickness, remember that a higher number indicates greater thickness. Also, because the paper thickness will normally be detected automatically, change this setting only if a print problem occurs.

Duplex printing

Not supported