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Mail Authentication

You can configure mail authentication to prevent illegal use of the mail server.

When mail is sent to the SMTP server, authentication is performed using the SMTP AUTH protocol by prompting the mail originator to enter the user name and password.

Use the following procedure to specify SMTP authentication.

  1. Start the Web browser, and access the printer by entering its IP address.

  2. In the menu area, click [Network Settings].

    The "Network Settings" page appears.

  3. Click the [SMTP] tab.

  4. Make the following settings:

    • Authentication Method: Select [SMTP] or [POP before SMTP].

    • User Name: Enter the user name for SMTP Authentication.

    • Password: Enter the password set for the SMTP User Name.

    • Device E-mail Address: Enter the e-mail address.

  5. Enter the administrator password if required.

  6. Click [OK].

  7. Quit Web Image Monitor.