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Printer Status Notification by E-Mail

Whenever a toner cartridge becomes empty or paper is jammed, an e-mail alert is issued to the registered addresses to notify the printer status.


For this notification, you can make the e-mail notification settings.

You can be notified of the following events:

Also you can see the information of the printer, such as printer name and serial number.

  1. Start the Web browser, and access the printer by entering its IP address.

  2. In the menu area, click [Network Settings].

    The "Network Settings" page appears.

  3. Click the [Auto E-mail Notification] tab.

  4. Enter a sender name for alert e-mail and the address of the recipient of the alert e-mail.

    You can set up to 2 e-mail notification settings.

  5. Select the checkbox in which event you want to notify.

  6. Enter the administrator password if required.

  7. Click [OK].

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