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Backing Up the Printer's Settings

Click the [Backup Setting] tab on the administrator settings page to create backup files containing the printer's configuration settings. If necessary, these backup files can be used to restore previous configurations.


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Backup Setting



Back up Network Settings

Backs up the network settings.

Back up Menu Settings

Backs up settings that are not related to the network.

Back up Settings of Available Functions

Backs up user restriction settings to a file.

Back up IPsec Settings

Backs up the IP security settings to a file.

Follow the procedure below to create configuration backup files.

  1. Select the radio button for the type of data you wish to back up.

  2. Enter the administrator password if required.

  3. Click [OK].

  4. Click [Save] in the confirmation dialog box.

  5. Navigate to the location to save the backup file.

  6. Specify a name for the file, and click [Save].