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Sample Print

Use this function to print only the first set of a multiple-set print job. After you have checked the result, remaining sets can be printed or canceled using the control panel. This can reduce misprints due to mistakes in contents or settings.


  • A Sample Print file cannot be stored if:

    • the total number of Sample Print, Locked Print, Hold Print, and Stored Print files in the machine is over 100. (The maximum number varies depending on the volume of data in files.)

    • the file contains over 1,000 pages.

    • the machine's sent or stored files total over 6,000 black-and-white pages. (The total varies depending on the size of the files.)

    • the machine's sent or stored files total over 6,000 color pages. (The total varies depending on the size of the files.)


  • The PostScript 3 printer driver is also available for this machine. For details about installing and configuring the PostScript 3 printer driver, see PostScript 3 Supplement.

  • If a Sample Print file has not been stored properly, check the error log on the control panel. For details about the error log on the control panel, see "Checking the Error Log".

  • Even after you turn off the machine, stored documents in the machine remain. However, the [Auto Delete Temporary Print Jobs] or [Auto Delete Stored Print Jobs] settings are applied first. For details about the auto delete settings, see "System".

  • Make sure the [Ignore Application Collate] check box in the printer driver and the [Collate] check box in the application's [Print] dialog box are both cleared. By default, Sample Print jobs are automatically collated by the printer driver. If collate is enabled in the application, more prints than intended may be produced.

  • If the first set of the Sample Print file is not as you expected and you do not want to print remaining sets, delete the Sample Print file using the control panel. If you print the remaining sets of the Sample Print file, the job in the machine is deleted automatically. To delete the Sample Print file, see "Deleting Sample Print files".