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Checking the Error Log

If files could not be stored due to printing errors, identify the cause of the errors by checking the error log on the control panel.


  • The most recent 30 errors are stored in the error log. If a new error is added when there are 30 errors already stored, the oldest error is deleted. However, if the oldest error belongs to one of the following print jobs, it is not deleted. The error is stored separately until the number of those errors reaches 30. You can check any of these print jobs for error log information.

    • Sample Print

    • Locked Print

    • Hold Print

    • Stored Print

  • If the main power switch is turned off, the error log is deleted.

1Press the [Printer] key.

The printer screen appears.

2Press [Error Log].

Operation panel screen illustration

An error log list appears.

Depending on the security settings, certain errors may not be displayed.

3Press the desired job list.

You can select job list from [Complete List], [Locked Print Job List], [Sample Print Job List], [Hold Print Job List], or [Stored Print Job List].

4Select the print file you want to check, and then press [Details].

A detailed error log appears.

Press [Up arrow keyPrevious] or [Down arrow keyNext] to scroll the error files.


  • Press [Exit] after checking the log.

  • Press [Back to List] to return to the error log list.

  • To print files that appear in the error log, resend them after stored files have been printed or deleted.

  • [Error Log] is not available in simplified display mode. To view the error log, you must first switch to normal display mode by pressing [Simplified Display] to turn into the normal display mode.