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Setting Thick Paper, Thin Paper or OHP Transparencies Using the Control Panel

Follow the procedure below to set the machine using the control panel when loading thick paper, thin paper or OHP transparencies onto the bypass tray.


  • If you select [Machine Setting(s)] in [Bypass Tray] under [Tray Setting Priority] in [System] of [Printer Features], the settings made using the control panel have priority over the printer driver settings. For details about [System] settings, see "System".

  • We recommend that you use specified OHP transparencies.

  • Do not use color OHP transparencies that are coated with materials that might melt.

  • OHP transparencies must be loaded face down in the tray.

  • When printing onto OHP transparencies, remove printed sheets one by one.

1Press the [User Tools/Counter] key on the control panel.

User Tools/Counter key illustration

2Press [System Settings].

3Press the [Tray Paper Settings] tab.

4Press [Down arrow keyNext] to scroll through the list.

5Press [Paper Type: Bypass Tray].

Operation panel screen illustration

6Select the proper items, according to the paper type you want to set.

  • Press [OHP (Transparency)] on the [Paper Type] area when loading OHP transparencies.

    Operation panel screen illustration

  • Press [Do not Display] on the [Paper Type] area, and then press [Thick Paper 1], [Thick Paper 2], [Thick Paper 3], or [Thin Paper] on the [Paper Thickness] area when loading thick paper or thin paper.

    Operation panel screen illustration

7Press [OK].

The paper type selected is displayed.

8Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.

The initial screen appears.


  • Printing on special paper such as thick paper, thin paper or OHP transparencies may be slower than printing on plain paper.

  • Load OHP transparencies one by one if they jam when loaded together.

  • To prevent multiple sheets from being fed at once, fan paper before placing it on the tray.

  • The settings made will remain valid until they are reset again. After printing on OHP transparencies, thick paper or thin paper make sure to clear settings for the next user.

  • For details about setting printer drivers, see the printer driver Help.