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Making Printer Settings - One Click Presets

This section explains how to register and use one click presets.

Each function explained in this chapter is preconfigured and registered under [One Click Preset List:] on the [One Click Presets] tab.

You can apply the relevant setting simply by clicking on the one click preset name. This helps to avoid incorrect settings and misprints.

One click presets can be added, modified, and deleted as required. By using registered one click presets, users without in-depth knowledge of the printer driver can utilize advanced printing functions easily.

Follow the procedure to register one click presets.

1In the application, on the [File] menu, click [Print].

The [Print] dialog box appears.

2Select the machine, and then open the [Printing Preferences] dialog box in the document's native application.

The [Printing Preferences] dialog box appears.

3Make the settings you require.

4Click [Register Current Settings...]. Enter a name and comment that describe the setting, and then click [OK].

The newly registered icon appears with its registered name in the [One Click Preset List:] area.

5Click [OK].


  • Under Windows operating systems, this function is available through the PCL 6 and PostScript 3 printer driver. When using this function using the PostScript 3 printer driver, see PostScript 3 Supplement.

  • For details about modifying and deleting one click presets, see the printer driver Help.