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Special Senders to Treat Differently

This section describes Special Senders settings.

By programming particular senders in advance, you can set the following function for each sender:

Use Own Name or Own Fax Number to program your senders. If the sender has a machine of the same manufacturer, program an Own Name that has already been programmed as a sender. If the machine is not from the same manufacturer, Own Fax Number is used.

You can apply the same settings to all programmed numbers. You can then customize the settings for individual numbers as necessary using the Special Sender Registration function.

The following items can be programmed.


  • You cannot program senders as Special Senders if they do not have Own Name or Own Fax Number programmed.

  • The machine cannot differentiate between SEP Code RX documents from Special Senders.

  • You cannot use the following functions with Internet Fax receptions.

    • Authorized Reception per Sender

    • Reception File Print Qty per Sender

    • Memory Lock per Sender

  • You can program up to 24 characters for the sender.

  • To use Forwarding, Print 2 Sided, or Paper Tray with Internet Fax reception, program the sender's e-mail address.

  • You can check Own Name and Own Fax Number using the Journal. You can check programmed Special Senders using the specified sender list.