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LAN-Fax Result Report

This section explains the LAN-Fax Result Report.

If “E-mail TX results” is set to “Notify”, if there be any insufficient configurations of the Internet Fax transmission on this machine, or if “Auto Specify Sender Name” is set to “Off”, the E-mail TX results or LAN-Fax result notification e-mail is not transmitted, and the TX results report or LAN-Fax Result Report is printed. If the “E-mail TX Results” of “Sender Name” has not been set to on, the LAN-Fax Result Report is printed.


  • Whether or not the LAN-Fax Result Report is printed, can be configured with User Parameter (Switch 20, bit 0) in the Facsimile Features menu. See “Parameter Settings”.

  • When executing [Send] or [Send & Print] with LAN-Fax Driver, and when the E-mail TX Result Report has not arrived, the Communication Result Report is printed. For details about Communication Result Report, see “Communication Result Report (Memory Transmission)”.