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Storing Documents in Information Boxes

This section explains how to store a document in an Information Box.

1Press [Change TX / Info].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Store / Delete / Print Information Box File].

3Select the box in which you want to store the file.

Operation panel screen illustration

When there are pre-programmed files, a file mark appears to the left of the box name.

A message is displayed if you select a box with a file stored in it. Press [Yes] when changing the file. The stored original file is overwritten.

4If a password has been set for the box, enter the password, and then press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration

If you make a mistake, press [Clear] before pressing [OK], and then try again.

To cancel entering a password, press [Cancel]. The display returns to that of step 3.

5Place the original, and then select the scan settings you require.

Operation panel screen illustration

You can also select the following settings:

  • Original Orientation

  • Original Settings

  • Stamp

6Press the [Start] key.

The machine starts to scan the original.

To stop scanning, press [Stop]. The display returns to that of step 3.

To store a document in another Information Box, repeat from step 3.

7Press [Exit] twice.

The standby display appears.


  • One Information Box stores one file.

  • The stored file is not deleted automatically. If you want to delete a stored file, see “Deleting Information Box Documents”.