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Information Boxes

Use the Information Box function to set up the machine as a document server.

Program a document into an Information Box for others to pick up. When a request is made by another party, the SEP Code they specify is matched against the SEP Codes programmed in that Information Box. If a code matches the document stored in the Information Box the document is sent to the other party automatically.

Other parties can receive these documents whenever they request them.


  • If the main power switch is turned off for about an hour, all documents stored in Information Boxes are deleted. When this happens, the Power Failure Report is printed so you can confirm which documents have been deleted. See “Turning Off the Main Power / In the Event of Power Failure”, Troubleshooting.

  • For other parties to be able to retrieve a document programmed in an Information Box, you need to inform the SEP Code assigned to that Information Box.

    Illustration of Information Box


  • For details about storing documents in the Information Boxes, see “Storing Documents in Information Boxes”.

  • You can set a password for Information Boxes in advance. A password can be set in “Box Setting” in the Facsimile Features menu. For details about the programming method, see “Box Settings”.