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Printing Personal Box Documents

This section explains how to print a document received into a Personal Box.

1Make sure that the Confidential File indicator is lit.

Confidential File indicator illustration

2Press [Change TX / Info].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Press [Print Personal Box File].

4Select the box with the document you want to print.

Operation panel screen illustration

5If a password has been set for the box, enter the password, and then press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration

If you make a mistake, press [Clear] before pressing [OK], and then try again.

To cancel entering a password, press [Cancel]. The display returns to that of step 4.

6Press the [Start] key.

To stop printing, press [Stop Printing]. The display returns to that of step 4.

To print a document in another Personal Box, repeat from step 4.

7Press [Exit] twice.

The standby display appears.


  • If you print a Personal Box document, it is deleted.

  • The passwords for Personal Boxes can be programmed under “Box Setting” in the Facsimile Features menu. For details about the programming method, see “Box Settings”.