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Personal Boxes

Storing your documents in a Personal Box prevents unauthorized users reading them.

When you specify a receiver for the Personal Box, incoming documents are forwarded directly to the destination you specify. You can specify a fax number, IP-Fax destination, Internet Fax destination, e-mail destination, or folder destination as the receiver.

To be able to receive documents into a Personal Box, you must inform the sender of the SUB Code programmed for that Personal Box and ask them to send the document using SUB Code Transmission with that SUB Code. When your machine has received a confidential document, the Confidential File () indicator lights.


  • If the main power switch is turned off for about an hour, all documents received into Personal Boxes are deleted. When this happens, the Power Failure Report is printed so you can confirm which documents have been deleted. See “Turning Off the Main Power / In the Event of Power Failure”, Troubleshooting.

  • Documents delivered to registered destinations are deleted from Personal Boxes.

    Illustration of Personal Box


  • If a receiver is not assigned, you can print the received documents on this machine. For details about the printing method, see “Printing Personal Box Documents”.

  • If the receiver is an Internet Fax/e-mail destination, e-mail can be encrypted and forwarded with a digital signature. Use both “Box Setting” on the Facsimile Features menu and Web Image Monitor to specify whether or not to apply encryption and a digital signature. For details about Box Setting, see “Box Settings”.

  • For details about Confidential File Report, see “Confidential File Report”.