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Confirming on Display

Use this function to display the reception result.

1Press [Change TX / Info].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Reception File Status].

3Check the reception results.

Operation panel screen illustration

Reception results are displayed, from the latest result, in groups of nine.

When a fax or IP-Fax is received, “Sender” shows the Own Fax Number or Fax Header information. When an Internet Fax is received, the sender's e-mail address appears.

4Press [Exit] twice.

The standby display appears.


  • Only the reception results of the latest communications are displayed. For the maximum number of communication results you can check on this machine, see “Maximum Values”.

  • You can view received fax documents and their lists, using Web Image Monitor on a network computer. For details, see the Web Image Monitor's Help.

  • If a document is received while you are using this function, the result will not appear. To view the latest result, exit Reception File Status, and then try again.

  • You can program one of the Quick Operation keys with operations for this function. Using the key allows you to omit step 1. For details about Quick Operation Key, see “General Settings”.