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Transferring Received Documents

The machine can transfer received documents by using SUB Codes.

Originals sent with a SUB Code that matches the SUB Code programmed as a Transfer Box are received then relayed to the programmed receiver.


  • Transfer Boxes and Receiving Stations must be set up in order to transfer received documents. Transfer Boxes can be programmed in “Box Setting” in the Facsimile Features menu. For details about the programming method, see “Box Settings”.


  • If the destination specified is an e-mail address, the received document is transferred to that destination as e-mail.

  • If the receiver is an Internet Fax/e-mail destination, e-mail can be encrypted and forwarded with a digital signature. Use both “Box Setting” on the Facsimile Features menu and Web Image Monitor to specify whether or not to apply encryption and a digital signature. For details about Box Setting, see “General Settings” or “Box Settings”.

  • Transfer results are not sent back to the requesting party.

  • You can transfer data received from any fax machine, regardless of manufacturer.

  • The Facsimile Features menu provides a user parameter setting (switch 32, bit 0) that allows you to select a priority order for alternative destinations for sent documents. When this parameter is set, if the specified receiver is a group destination that includes an address not registered for the specified transmission type, the document is routed to an alternative destination. See “Parameter Settings”.

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