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Mail to Print

JPEG or PDF files that are attached to e-mails are printed using the Mail to Print function.

The reception method for e-mail is the same as the method for Internet Fax. For details about reception methods, see “Auto e-mail reception” and “Manual e-mail reception”.

Mail to Print is not available with the following functions:

Page Reduction, Checkered Mark, TSI Print (Transmitting Subscriber Identification Print), Reception Time, Auto Fax Reception Power-Up, Memory Lock, Multi-Copy Reception, Program Special Sender, Resolution, Page Separation and Length Reduction, Center Mark, Image Rotation, 2 Sided Print, Specify Tray for Lines, Tray Shift, Paper Tray, Communication Page Count, Forwarding, Auto Paper Select function, Printing on paper from the bypass tray, Just size printing


  • To print a JPEG or PDF file, the optional PostScript 3 unit must be installed.

  • Version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 PDF files are printable. However, this machine might not be able to print PDF files if they were sent from certain machines or created in certain environments.

  • Only JPEG files that are in JFIF format are compatible. This machine cannot print Exif format JPEG images captured by digital cameras, but it can print JFIF format JPEG images created on multi-function peripherals. However, this machine might not be able to print JPEG images if they were sent from certain machines or created in certain environments.


  • The Facsimile Features menu provides a user parameter setting (switch 21, bit 2) that you can use to enable or disable this function. Text and TIFF files will still be printed even if this function is disabled.

  • If a JPEG or PDF file is received when the Mail to Print function is disabled, the file will be detected as an error and Error Mail Notification is sent back to the sender. You can turn this function on or off with the User Parameter (switch 21, bit 7) in the Parameter Settings.

  • For details about Parameter Setting, see “Parameter Settings”.

  • Only one attached file can be printed from a received e-mail. If multiple JPEG or PDF files are attached, the first JPEG or PDF file is printed and the other files are deleted.

  • If an e-mail contains multiple or unsupported files, its reception result is detected as an error, but an error notification is not sent to the sender.

  • When the machine receives a colored image, it is printed in full color.

  • Printed JPEG images and PDF files are counted as printer jobs.

  • If an encrypted PDF is received, the PDF file is printed only if its password matches this machine's password.

  • You can check the results of Mail to Print reception using the Journal. In the Journal, “P.1” is always printed in the number of pages column and “S”, which indicates the Standard resolution, is always printed in the communication mode column regardless of the actual page/resolution. If the machine receives files that are unprintable due to their format, “error” will be printed in the result column.

  • When receiving by Mail to Print, this machine does not respond to reception notification requests attached to the received e-mail.