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Specifying Auto-Generated Subjects for E-mail

If you do not enter a subject when sending e-mail, a subject will be auto generated. This section explains how to specify the content of auto-generated subjects.

Subjects differ depending on Stamp Sender Name settings. For details about using the Stamp Sender Name function, see “Sender Settings”.

When Stamp Sender Name is set to on:

From Sender Name (Fax Message NO.xxxx)

When Stamp Sender Name is set to off:

  • If Own Fax Number and Own Name are programmed:

    From “Own Fax Number” (“Own Name”) (Fax Message NO.xxxx)

  • If only Own Fax Number is programmed:

    From “Own Fax Number” (Fax Message NO.xxxx)

  • If only Own Name is programmed:

    From “Own Name” (Fax Message NO.xxxx)

  • If neither Own Fax Number nor Own Name are programmed:

    Fax Message NO.xxxx


  • “xxxx” is the document number that appears in the Journal.