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Sending at a Specific Time (Send Later)

Using this function, you can instruct the machine to delay transmission of your fax document until a specified later time.

This allows you to take advantage of off-peak telephone charges without having to be by the machine at the time.


  • If the machine is switched off for about one hour, all fax documents stored in memory are lost. If documents are lost for this reason, a Power Failure Report is automatically printed when the operation switch is turned on. Use this report to check the list of lost documents. See “Turning Off the Main Power / In the Event of Power Failure”, Troubleshooting.

  • This function is unavailable with Immediate Transmission. Use Memory Transmission.

1Place the original, and then select the scan settings you require.

2Press [TX Mode].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Press [Send Later].

Operation panel screen illustration

4Enter the time using the number keys, and select [AM] or [PM]. Then press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration

When entering numbers smaller than 10, add a zero at the beginning.

If you make a mistake, press [Clear] before pressing [OK], and then try again.

To cancel Send Later, press [Cancel]. The display returns to that of step 3.

The specified time is shown above the highlighted [Send Later].

5Press [OK].

The standby display appears.

To check the settings, press [TX Mode].

6Specify a destination, and then press the [Start] key.


  • You can specify a time within 24 hours of the current time.

  • If the current time shown is not correct, change it using [Set Time] under [System Settings]. For details about the setting, see “Timer Settings”, Network and System Settings Reference.

  • You can program one of the Quick Operation keys with operations for this function. Using the Quick Operation Key allows you to omit step 2 and 5. For details about Quick Operation Key, see “General Settings”.

  • You can cancel the transmission setup for Send Later. See “Canceling a Transmission”.