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Selecting Destinations from Recent Destinations

The machine stores the latest destinations specified for each transmission method.

This function saves time when you are sending to the same destination repeatedly, as you do not have to enter the destination again.


  • The following kinds of destinations are not stored:

    • Destinations specified using the destination list

    • Destinations specified as a group destination

    • Destinations specified under Memory File Transfer

    • Destinations selected from Recent Destinations (regarded as already stored in memory)

    • Second and later destinations broadcasted to

    • Destinations specified in the LAN-Fax Driver on the computer

    • Folder destination

1Place the original, and then select the scan settings you require.

2Press [Recent].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select the destination you want to redial to, and then press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration

4Press the [Start] key.


  • You can select Internet Fax, IP-Fax, and e-mail destinations from Recent Destinations as well.

  • When you press [Program Dest.], you can register a selected destination in the destination list. For details about storing a destination you selected, see “Registering Entered Destinations to the Address Book”.

  • For the maximum number of recent destinations the machine can store, see “Maximum Values”.

  • You can delete destinations stored in “Recent Destinations” using the [Delete Recent Destinations] function in the Facsimile Features menu. For details about this function, see “General Settings”.