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Sending over a Fax Line (Fax Destinations)

This section explains how to enter a fax number.

Use the number keys on the right side of the control panel to enter numbers.

1Make sure that [Fax] is selected.

2Enter the fax number using the number keys.

Operation panel screen illustration

If you make a mistake, press the [Clear/Stop] key, and then enter again.

When adding a destination, pressing the transmission type tab switches the transmission type between fax/IP-Fax, Internet Fax, e-mail, and folder.

3Press the [Start] key.

The machine starts to scan the original and stores it in memory. When scanning ends, the Communicating indicator lights and transmission starts.


  • To select a destination from the Address Book, see “Using the Address Book to Specify Destinations”.

  • You can insert pauses and tones in a fax number. For details, see “Entering a pause” or “Entering a tone”.

  • Press [Prg. Dest.] after entering the fax number to store the fax number in the destination list. For details about storing numbers you entered, see “Registering Entered Destinations to the Address Book”.

  • For the maximum number of digits that can be included in a destination, see “Maximum Values”.