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Original Type

If the original contains photographs, illustrations, or diagrams with complex shading patterns or grays, select the appropriate original type to optimize image clarity.


Select [Text] to send high-contrast black-and-white image originals. Use this setting when you only want to send clearer text, even if the original contains text and photographs.

Text / Line Art

Select [Text / Line Art] to send high-contrast black-and-white graphic originals at improved resolution. The [Text] mode gives priority to scanning speed; [Text / Line Art] mode gives priority to scanning quality.

Text / Photo

Select [Text / Photo] to send an original containing both a high-contrast black-and-white image, such as text, and a halftone image, such as a photograph.


Select [Photo] to send an original containing a halftone image, such as a photograph or a color original.

1Press [Scan Settings].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Make sure that [Original Type] is selected.

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select the original type you require, and then press [OK].

Operation panel screen illustration


  • If you select [Text / Line Art], [Text / Photo], or [Photo], the transmission will take longer than when [Text] is selected.

  • If you send a fax document with [Text / Line Art], [Text / Photo], or [Photo] and the background of the received image is dirty, reduce the density setting and resend the fax. For details about setting the image density, see “Density (Contrast)”.

  • You can set the original type that is selected right after the machine is turned on or whenever the [Clear Modes] key is pressed. See “Changing the Default Functions of the Fax's Initial Display”.

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