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Detecting Blank Sheet

Upon completion of the first page scanning, an alarm sounds if the page is nearly blank.


  • The blank sheet-detecting function works only when an original is scanned using the ADF.

  • The blank sheet-detecting function is ineffective for second and subsequent pages.

  • The machine cannot detect blank sheets if the user has put it into Preview mode using the [Preview] key.

This function notifies you if an original is placed wrong side down on the scanner. When this happens, a message appears for a few seconds. The message differs depending on number of pages to be scanned and transmission mode.


  • Even if a near blank sheet is detected, it is transmitted as normal.

  • You can turn this function on or off with the User Parameter (switch 11, bit 2). See “Parameter Settings”.

  • To cancel scanning if a blank sheet is detected, press the [Clear/Stop] key.