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E-Mail Functions and Folder Transmission

This section explains e-mail and folder transmission.

E-Mail Functions

There are two methods of sending faxes from this machine using e-mail:

  • Internet Fax Transmission

  • E-mail Transmission

To send a fax by Internet Fax, you must specify an Internet Fax destination.

To send a fax by e-mail, you must specify an E-mail destination.

In both transmission methods, the fax data is sent as a graphics file attached to e-mail. The format of this graphics file depends on the transmission method, as shown in the table below.

Transmission Method

File Format

Internet Fax




For details about the E-Mail Transmission, see “Internet Fax Transmission” or “E-mail Transmission”.

Folder Transmission

You can send faxes to network folders that are registered in the Address Book. To do this, select the path to the folder in the Address Book.

Faxes are sent as graphics in TIFF or PDF format files using the selected protocol (SMB, FTP, or NCP).

For details about the Folder Transmission, see “Folder Transmission”.