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E-mail Transmission

This machine uses its fax function to send scanned documents over the network to computers.

Specify an e-mail address of a computer.

You can send the same document to an e-mail destination, folder destination, fax destination, IP-Fax destination, and Internet Fax destination simultaneously. If you specify a destination fax number (of another party's fax machine) and a destination folder on your computer at the same time, you can view the sent document on your computer.

When sending to e-mail/folder destinations, you can select PDF or TIFF as the file type of the document you are sending.

Illustration of E-mail Transmission


  • To send to e-mail destinations, this machine must be connected to a LAN and set up correctly in “System Settings”.

  • You can also enter the e-mail address of another machine that supports Internet Fax. In this case, select TIFF as the file format. Depending on the model of the destination machine, PDF files might not be accepted.

  • To send e-mail documents, set [E-mail Setting] to [On] in the Facsimile Features menu, under Initial Settings. See “Initial Settings”.

  • To use an e-mail address registered in the Address Book as an e-mail destination, specify “Use E-mail Address for” for [E-mail / Internet Fax Destination]. Use the same procedure for e-mail addresses that are registered in group destinations in the Address Book.


  • Black and white images are sent in the same way as standard fax transmissions.

  • This function supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.