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Margin Adjustment

Copies originals leaving a binding margin.

Illustration of Margin Adjustment

1Press [Edit / Color].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Make sure that [Margin Adj.] is selected. If [Margin Adj.] is not selected, press [Margin Adj.].

3Specify a binding margin for the front side pages.

Operation panel screen illustration

4Specify a binding margin for the back side pages. Then press [OK].

If you do not need to specify the margins for the back side pages, press [OK].


  • To change the value you entered, press [], [], [] or [], or press [Clear], and then specify a new value.

  • Press [] and [] to set the top or bottom position. Press [] and [] to set the left or right position.

  • You can set the binding margin up to 30 mm (1.2 inches) in 1 mm (0.1 inch) increments.

  • Margin on the back side of the page is valid when 1 Sided 2 Sided or Combine 2 Sides is selected.

  • You can change the settings for Margin Adjustment under Edit in User Tools. For details about Edit, see “Edit”.

  • If you set a binding margin that is too wide, part of the image may not be copied.

  • When making copies in Combine mode, the binding margin is added to the copies after the combination is finished.