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To protect it from shock and vibration during transit, this printer comes packaged in cushioning foam and secured with tape. Remove these protective materials after bringing the machine to where it will be installed.


  • Do not incinerate used toner or toner containers. Toner dust might ignite when exposed to an open flame. Dispose of used toner containers in accordance with local regulations.

  • Do not store toner, used toner, or toner containers in a place with an open flame. The toner might ignite and cause burns of a fire.


  • Keep toner (used or unused) and toner containers out of reach of children.

  • If toner or used toner is inhaled, gargle with plenty of water and move into a fresh air environment. Consult a doctor if necessary.

  • If toner or used toner gets into your eyes, flush immediately with large amounts of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.

  • If toner or used toner is swallowed, dilute by drinking a large amount of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.

  • When moving the printer, use the inset grips on both sides. The printer will break or cause injury if dropped.

  • Be careful not to trap your fingers when opening or closing the top cover.


  • Removed tape is dirty. Be careful not to let it touch your hands or clothes.

  • Leave the tape holding the paper feed tray and cover in place while moving the printer.

  • Lower the machine slowly and carefully to prevent trapping your hands.

  • Do not grip on the tray area when lifting the printer.

  • Do not allow paper clips, staples, or other small metallic objects to fall inside the machine.

  • Keep the uncovered print cartridge away from direct sunlight.

  • Do not touch the print cartridge's photo conductor.


  • Do not touch the ID chip on the side of the print cartridge.


1Remove the plastic bag.

2Lift the printer with two people by using the inset grips on both sides of the printer.


3Pull Front Cover Open Lever, and then open the front cover with both hands carefully.


4Lower the blue fusing unit lever.


5Hold each tape near its joint, and then pull both tapes gently upward to remove them from the printer at the same time.


6Carefully lift the blue fusing unit levers.


7Close the front cover with both hands carefully.


8Pull up Top Cover Open Lever to open the top cover.


9Remove the protection tape.


10Take each print cartridge out.

Gripping its center, carefully pull the print cartridge upward and out.


When taking out the black print cartridge, be sure to place it on at a flat surface, and then remove the protection sheet also.


11Hold the print cartridge and shake it from side to side five or six times.


12Check the toner color and location correspond, and then carefully insert the print cartridge vertically.


13Close the top cover with both hands carefully. Be careful not to trap your fingers.