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Where to Put the Printer

The printer's location should be carefully chosen because environmental conditions greatly affect its performance.


  • The supplied power cord is for use with this equipment only. Do not use with other appliances. Doing so may result in fire, electric shock, or injury.

  • Keep the machine away from flammable liquids, gases, and aerosols. A fire or an electric shock might occur.

  • The wall outlet shall be installed near the machine and shall be easily accessible.

  • Connect the machine to the power source specified in this manual and do not use any other power sources. Connect the power cord directly to a wall outlet and do not use an extension cord. Power sources not specified in this manual and extension cords are electric shock or fire hazards.

  • Power cords that are damaged, broken, modified, trapped under heavy objects, pulled hard, or bent severely are electric shock and fire hazards.


  • Keep the machine away from humidity and dust. Otherwise a fire or an electric shock might occur. Do not place the machine on an unstable or tilted surface. If it topples over, an injury might occur.

  • Keep the machine in an area that is within optimum environmental conditions. Operating the machine in an environment that is outside the recommended ranges of humidity and temperature can cause an electrical fire hazard. Keep the area around the socket free of dust. Accumulated dust can become an electrical fire hazard.

  • Make sure the room where you are using the machine is well ventilated and spacious. Good ventilation is especially important when the machine is used heavily.

  • Machine sound levels exceeding image image 63 dB (A) are not suitable for desk work environments, so place the machine in another room.

  • When new, electrical devices containing volatile materials will normally release emissions into the air of their vicinity. For this reason, for the first few days after installation of a new device, strong ventilation inside the room where it is placed is necessary.

Space Required for Installation

The recommended (or minimum) space requirements are as follows:


Optimum Environmental Conditions

Permissible and recommended temperature and humidity ranges are as follows:


  • White area: Permissible Range

  • Gray area: Recommended Range


  • When you use this machine for a long time in a confined space without good ventilation, you may detect an odd smell. To keep the workplace comfortable, we recommend that you keep it well ventilated.

Environments to Avoid


  • Areas exposed to direct sunlight or strong light

  • Dusty areas

  • Areas with corrosive gases

  • Areas that are excessively cold, hot, or humid

  • Locations near air conditioners or humidifiers

  • Locations near other electronic equipment

  • Locations subject to frequent strong vibration

Power Source

Connect the power cable to a power source of the following specification:

  • 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 6 A or more

  • 120 V, 60 Hz, 11 A or more