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Installing Device Certificate

  1. Log on to Web Image Monitor in the administrator mode.

  2. Click [Configuration].

  3. Click [Device Certificate] in "Security" area.

  4. Click [Certificate 2] on the "Device Certificate" window, and then click [Request].

  5. Enter appropriate "Common Name" and "Country Code" on "Certificate Information" page, and then click [OK].

  6. "Updating..." appears. Wait for about 2 minutes, and then click [OK].

  7. Click [Details], shown in the "Device Certificate" window as the memo pad icon for "Requesting".

  8. Select all, and then copy the entire "Text for Requested Certificate" text that is displayed in the "Certificate Status" window.

  9. Access the certificate authority server, and then obtain the CA signified certificate using the text copied into "Text for Requested Certificate" windows.

    Obtaining the certificate differs depending on the environment you want to use.

  10. Click [Certificate 2] on "Device Certificate" window, and then click [Install].

  11. Using a text editor, open the CA signified certificate downloaded in step 11, and then copy over all the text.

  12. In the [Install Certificate] window, paste all the text copied into the CA signified certificate.

  13. Click [OK].

  14. "Updating..." appears. Wait for about one or two minutes, and then click [OK].

  15. Check that the "Device Certificate" shows "Installed".

  16. Click [Certificate 2] on "Certification", and then click [OK].

  17. Click [Logout].

  18. Quit Web Image Monitor.