• DeskTopBinder Professional Version 5.x
  • PDF Patch

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Last Update: 2013/08/30 01:00:00

DeskTopBinder Professional

DeskTopBinder Professional is a software package that provides document management from client PCs.
DeskTopBinder Professional can also be used as a client for ScanRouter Professional, ScanRouter Enterprise, and ScanRouter DocumentServer.

Version 5.x

Description Version Supported OS Language File Size Download
Update Patch Windows
Server 2008, Server 2003, Vista, XP
English 92 MB Download Francais 95 MB Download Deutsch 95 MB Download Italiano 95 MB Download Nederlands 94 MB Download Espanol 94 MB Download Simplified Chinese 95 KB Download Traditional Chinese 95 MB Download

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PDF Patch

This patch is designed for use with the following products:

- DeskTopBinder Professional V5.x

Description Version Supported OS Language File Size Download
PDF Patch Windows
Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7, Vista, XP
English 20 MB Download


This patch fixes the following problems related to PDF files.
1. Problems with PDF files created by Acrobat 9:
- The PDF file may fail to display.
- Text data (for searching, etc.) may not be created.
2. Thumbnail creation/display might fail for some PDF files.
3. Black and white may be inverted for some PDF files.
4. The application might freeze when scrolling through PDF data.
5. PDF data may be displayed incorrectly after rotating the image.

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