Web SmartDeviceMonitor Version 2.0

Device Management Software

Device Management Software Web SmartDeviceMonitor version 2 series is a new web-based device management software solution.
This solution provides a centralized control point for device management. It allows you to configure and monitor, and manage all networked printing devices in your network. It provides feedback of any error occurring of network connected printing devices (printers, multi-functional products, facsimiles & scanners).
This solution greatly reduces the device administrative burdens of IT network administrators and help desk support personnel.

Software version
  • Version DM02.05.00

Difference from previous version:
  • Version DM02.05.00
    • For Windows Server 2008 Operating System
    • Correspond to New devices.

Difference from previous version of Web SmartDeviceMonitor Version 2 series:
  • Improved polling speed:
    • Introduce different polling timing setup for grouped polling item
      • Device status information group
      • Counter and supply information group
      • Other information.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Compatible with Microsoft Vista for client

Software Highlights
  • All New User Interface
    • The new object oriented UI was designed for users to increase the ease of use for IT departments
  • Efficient Counter Information
    • Separate counter for Color and B/W
  • Batch Configuration of Devices
    • Multiple device setting in one operation
  • Monitor status of MFP's, Printers, Faxes and Scanners, and their supply levels
    • It is easy to check device status, by 3 defined icon colors indicating the status
  • Auto Device Discovery of SNMP Network Print Devices
    • Improved speed for device discovery
  • Group Management of Network Devices
  • E-mail Error Notification

Server Requirements (*A)
  • Supported Operating System(s)
    • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or higher. *1
    • Windows 2000 Professional /Server / Advanced Server Service Pack 4 or higher.
    • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1 or higher.
      (Note: Multi-Language OS is not supported)
    • Windows Server2008 Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition
      (Note:Excluding x64 edition)
  • Minimum Server Hardware Requirement(s)
    • 1 GHz or higher Pentium compatible (Recommend to have 2.8GHz or more)
    • 1 GB RAM or higher recommended.
    • 800 MB or larger available Hard Disk space before installation.

    Note: Please do not install this application on a Primary Domain Controller.
               If McAfee VirusScan is used, please read Readme.txt files before installation.
  • Windows Server2008 Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition

    *1: For Windows XP Professional user: It is necessary to set up the same step of Windows Server 2003 user.
    Please refer "Setting when using Windows Server 2003: Opening ports" of Setup Guide.
    NOTE: Please read "Important.txt" and "Readme.txt" files before installation.

For current Web SmartDeviceMonitor User:
When you upgrade from Web SmartDeviceMonitor Version 2.02 to 2.03, its performance will be improved,
especially if your main purpose for using Web SmartDeviceMonitor is keeping an eye on the network devices' "status."

For your information:
Web SmartDeviceMonitor covers up to 2,000 units. 2,000 units "Status" information polling took about 13 and half minutes *2. under our simulated environment with the server which has 2.8GHz CPU, 1GB Memory and hyper threading is ON.
Detail evaluation information is available in our Web SmartDeviceMonitor V2.03 White Paper. If you would like to have the White Paper, please contact our representative.

*2: Actual device environmental tests may take longer than our simulated environmental test. RICOH's tests utilized RICOH manufactured devices, which provide more detailed information than other MFP/Printer manufacturers' products. Results may differ in your actual network environment.

These numbers are just for your reference. Results may vary due to network conditions and Web SmartDeviceMonitor set up conditions. These numbers came out from RICOH Testing Lab results.

Client PC Requirements (*A)
  • Supported Operating System(s)
    • Windows 2000 Professional /Server / Advanced Server Service Pack 4 or higher
    • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or higher
    • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1 or higher.
      (Note: Multi-Language OS is not supported)
    • Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic
  • Internet Browser
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x Service Pack 1
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x

    Netscape Navigator and FireFox are not supported.
    For Windows NT and XP, JAVA must be installed to use initial setting function.
*A: Those specification may change without notification. Software version

Supported Products

[New additional products]
Black and White Digital Copier

Color Digital Copier
  • Aficio MP C2030/C2050/C2530/C2550
  • Aficio MP C2800/C3300
  • Aficio MP C4000/C5000

[Current products]
Black and White Digital Copier
  • Aficio 120/1013/1013F
  • Aficio 1515
  • Aficio 150/180
  • Aficio 1015/1018/1018D
  • Aficio 2015/2018
  • Aficio 2016/2020/2020D
  • Aficio 220/270
  • Aficio 1022/1027
  • Aficio 2022/2027
  • Aficio 3025/3030 *1
  • Aficio 1035/1045
  • Aficio 2035/2045
  • Aficio 2035e/2045e
  • Aficio 3035//3045 *1
  • Aficio 551/700 EB-70
  • Aficio 1060/1075
  • Aficio 2051/2060/2075
  • Aficio 850/1050 EB-105
  • Aficio 1085/1105 EB-105e
  • Aficio 2090/2105 Type2105
  • Aficio 2090/2105 EB-105EX
  • Aficio MP 5500/6500/7500
  • Aficio MP 9000 Type 1350/1100 Type 1350/1350 Type 1350
  • Aficio MP 1500/1600/1600L/2000/2000L
  • Aficio MP 1600Le/2000Le
  • Aficio MP 161/161L/161LN/161F/161SPF
  • Aficio MP 2580
  • Aficio MP 2510/2590/3010/3090
  • Aficio MP 3500/3590/4500/4590
  • Aficio MP 2591
  • Aficio MP 3391
  • Aficio MP 2550
  • Aficio MP 3350
  • Aficio MP 4000B
  • Aficio MP 5000B
  • Aficio MP 4000
  • Aficio MP 5000

Color Digital Copier
  • Aficio Color 3006 RC-200/E-300
  • Aficio Color 3506 RC-210/E-310
  • Aficio Color 4006/4106 RC-200/E-300
  • Aficio Color 4506 RC-210/E-310
  • Aficio 1224C
  • Aficio 1232C
  • Aficio 3224C/3232C
  • Aficio 2228C/2232C/2238C
  • Aficio 3228C/3232C/3238C
  • Aficio 3260C
  • Aficio Color 5560
  • Aficio Color 6010/6110/ E-650
  • Aficio Color 6513 E-710/E-810/E-820
  • Aficio MP C1500
  • Aficio MP C2500/C3000
  • Aficio MP C3500/C4500
  • Aficio MP C6000
  • Aficio MP C7500
  • Aficio MP C1800

Black and White Laser Printer
  • AP1400
  • AP1600
  • AP2000
  • AP2100
  • AP2600/AP2600N
  • AP2610/AP2610N
  • AP400N
  • AP410
  • AP2700
  • AP3200
  • AP600N
  • AP610N
  • AP4510
  • AP900
  • Aficio SP 4100N/4110N
  • Aficio SP 8100DN/9100DN
  • Aficio SP 8200DN

Color Laser Printer
  • AP204
  • AP305
  • AP505
  • Aficio CL2000
  • Aficio CL3000/CL3000DN/CL3100N/CL3100DN
  • AP306/AP306D
  • AP206
  • Aficio CL800
  • Aficio CL1000N
  • Aficio CL5000
  • AP3800C
  • Aficio CL6000
  • Aficio CL7000
  • Aficio CL7100
  • Aficio CL7200/7300 *2
  • Aficio SP C811DN

  • FAX3310L
  • FAX4410L/FAX4410NF
  • FAX5000L
  • FAX5510L/FAX5510NF

  • IS330DC

Wide format
  • Aficio 240W
  • Aficio MP W2400
  • Aficio MP W3600
  • Aficio SP W2470

Blue letter products are New Web SmartDeviceMonitor full function corresponding devices.

*1 : These MFP models need to upgrade its firmware corresponding full function of New Web SmartDeviceMonitor.
Please contact with your device service engineer.
*2 : These Laser Printers need to upgrade its firmware corresponding full function of New Web SmartDeviceMonitor,
if your device serial number is younger than as follow:


If your device comes under this condition, please contact with your device service engineer.