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NDPS Gateway

NDPS Gateway Snap-Ins
(Novell(R) Distributed Print Services)
Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) was developed to improve Novell's legacy queue-based print server architecture and to allow for better handling over the increased complexity of network printer management. To take advantage of the many benefits of NDPS, such as better device management and use of printer capabilities, we developed snap-ins for the Novell NDPS Gateway.
The NDPS Gateway snap-ins allow configuration of printers and multi-functional products so that they seamlessly integrate with Novell's NDPS architecture and NWAdmin. The NDPS Gateway snap-ins functions as an interpreter between Novell's NDPS and the printer's network card allowing printer information to be understood by NDPS.
Users of the NDPS Gateway will have less challenges setting up their printers and will gain the ability to 'drag-and-print' documents.
Network Administrators will have more control over printers on the network through real-time status information, the capability to impose strict client access rights, and many more features, which are listed below.
Our NDPS Solutions

  • Detailed real-time printer and job status with SmartDeviceMonitor Snap-in.
  • NDPS printing for the supported Printer / Multi-Functional devices (Listed below).
  • Discovery of supported Printer / Multi-Functional devices on the network over IP.
  • Event detection and notification to users.
  • Status information distribution by e-mail and through the use of pop-up messages.
  • NDPS added value such as bi-directional feedback, plug-and-print, printer agents, new printer job scheduling and configuration options by integrating with Novell's NDPS architecture.
  • Improve and simplify printer setup and management, and monitoring.
Supported NetWare Server versions:

  • NetWare 5.1 (SP8 or later)
  • NetWare 6.0 (SP5 or later)
  • NetWare 6.5 (SP3 or later)
Supported Client Operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP Professional
Supported Products

Notice: Novell has discontinued its support for any 3rd party NDPS Gateway development. For newer models that are not listed here, we advise that you use generic NDPS gateway. For detailed information, please contact your sales associate.

Black and White Digital Copier
  • Aficio 1013/1013F
  • Aficio 1515
  • Aficio MP 161
  • Aficio 1015/1018/1018D
  • Aficio 2015/2018/2018D
  • Aficio 2016/2020/2020D
  • Aficio MP 1600/MP 2000
  • Aficio MP 2500
  • Aficio 220/270
  • Aficio 1022/1027
  • Aficio 2022/2027
  • Aficio 3025/3030
  • Aficio MP 2510/MP 3010
  • Aficio 1035/1045
  • Aficio 2035/2045
  • Aficio 2035e/2045e
  • Aficio 3035/3045
  • Aficio MP 3500/MP 4500
  • Aficio 551/700 Type700
  • Aficio 2051/2060/2075
  • Aficio MP 5500/MP 6500/MP 7500
  • Aficio 1055
  • Aficio 1060/1075
  • Aficio 850/1050 Type850
  • Aficio 1085/1105 Type850
  • Aficio 2090/2105 Type2105
  • Aficio 2090/2105 EB-105EX
  • Aficio MP 9000/MP 1100/MP 1350 Type 1350
  • Aficio MP 9000/MP 1100/MP 1350 EB-135

Color Digital Copier
  • Aficio MP C1500
  • Aficio 1224C
  • Aficio 1232C
  • Aficio 3224C/3232C
  • Aficio MP C2000/MP C2500/MP C3000
  • Aficio MP C2500/MP C3000 E-3000
  • Aficio 2232C/2238C
  • Aficio 3228C/3235C/3245C
  • Aficio MP C3500/MP C4500
  • Aficio MP C3500/MP C4500 E-5000
  • Aficio 3260C
  • Aficio Color 5560

Black and White Laser Printer
  • AP1600
  • AP2100
  • AP2600/AP2600N
  • AP2610/AP2610N
  • AP400N
  • AP3200
  • AP600N
  • AP4500
  • AP4510
  • Aficio SP8100DN
  • AP900
  • Aficio SP9100DN

Color Laser Printer
  • CL1000N
  • CL2000
  • CL3000
  • CL3100N
  • Aficio CL4000DN/CL4000HDN
  • Aficio SP C410DN/SP C411DN
  • CL5000
  • AP3800C
  • CL7000
  • CL7100
  • CL7200
  • CL7300