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If an Error Occurs with the Specified Paper Size and Type

An error message appears on the control panel if there is no tray for the selected paper size or the tray is empty. In that case, you can select a tray manually to continue printing or cancel the print job.

Operation panel screen illustration


  • The tray cannot be changed and form feed will be performed if:

    • Staple, punch, or fold is specified. You can perform form feed by canceling these functions.

    • Two-sided printing is specified for a tray that does not support two-sided printing. Form feed can be performed if two-sided printing is canceled.

    • Front cover sheet, back cover sheet, or slip sheet is specified.

    • Chaptering or chapter slip sheets is specified.


  • If form feed is performed while the first set of a collate job is being processed, only the first of the collate job will be printed from the specified paper tray, and the collate function enabled for the print job will be canceled.

  • If form feed is performed for a collate job after printing of the first set of the collate job is complete, printing will stop when printing of the current set of the collate job is complete.