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Enabling Unauthorized Copy Prevention for Pattern

1Click the menu button of the application you are using, and then click [Print].

2Select the printer you want to use.

3Click [Preferences].

4Click the [Detailed Settings] tab.

5In the "Menu:" box, click [Effects].

6Select the [Unauthorized Copy Prevention] check box, and then select [Unauthorized Copy Prevention for Pattern] in the "Unauthorized Copy Prevention Type" list.

7Click [Details...].

8Change the configuration as required, and then click [OK].

9Change any other print settings if necessary.

10Click [OK].

11Start printing from the application's [Print] dialog box.


  • You cannot partially embed texts and patterns strings in a document.

  • Due to the effects of the settings, the results of copying, scanning, and saving documents in the document server may vary depending on the machine model and setting conditions.

  • When copying a printed document with Unauthorized Copy Prevention for Pattern applied, the copy may have partial shading. Change the original type setting to [Text] or [Photo].

  • For the settings that can be specified in the printer driver, see the printer driver Help.