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Spool Printing

Spool Printing allows print jobs transferred from a computer to be temporarily stored, and then prints them after they are transferred. This shortens printing time as it maximizes printer efficiency.


  • During Spool Printing, the hard disk is accessed and the Data In indicator blinks. Turning off the computer or machine during Spool Printing can damage the hard disk. Also, if the computer or machine is turned off during Spool Printing, spooled jobs will be deleted. Therefore, do not turn the power of the computer or machine off during Spool Printing.

  • If data is sent to the machine using other protocols besides "diprint", "lpr", "ipp", "ftp", "sftp", "smb", and "wsd (printer)", Spool Printing cannot be performed.

Spool Printing can be specified in Web Image Monitor or by using telnet. About Web Image Monitor, see Connecting the Machine/ System Settings for details and Web Image Monitor Help. About telnet, see Connecting the Machine/ System Settings for details.

When Spool Printing is set, you can display on the control panel the spooled print jobs stored in the machine. To display the spooled print jobs, press [Home] (Operation panel screen illustration) at the bottom of the screen in the center, press the [Printer (Classic)] icon, and then press [Spooling Job List]. The spooled print job list appears.

To delete a spooled print job stored in the machine, select the job you want to delete, and then press [Delete].