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When Using the PCL 6 Printer Driver

1Click the menu button of the application you are using, and then click [Print].

2Select the printer you want to use.

3Click [Preferences].

4Select the [Frequently Used Settings] tab.

5In the "Job Type:" list, select [Normal Print].

6In the "Document Size:" list, select the size of the original to be printed.

7In the "Orientation" area, select [Portrait] or [Landscape] as the orientation of the original.

8In the "Paper Type:" list, select the type of paper that is loaded in the paper tray.

9In the "Input Tray:" list, select the paper tray that contains the paper you want to print onto.

If you select [Auto Tray Select] in the "Input Tray:" list, the paper tray is automatically selected according to the paper size and type specified.

10Select [Color] or [Black and White] in the "Color/Black and White:" list.

11If you want to print multiple copies, specify a number of sets in the "Copies:" box.

12Click [OK].

13Start printing from the application's [Print] dialog box.


  • If [Color] is selected in the "Color/Black and White:" list, you can print using special color outputs suitable for color vision impaired users. To use this function, click the [Detailed Settings] tab. Click the [Print Quality:Advanced] menu in the "Menu:" box, and then select [On] in the "Barrier-free Color Management:" list.