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Convenient Functions

Registering Frequently Used Functions

Registering Functions in a Program

Recalling a Stored Program

Changing a Stored Program

Deleting a Stored Program

Changing the Default Functions of the Initial Screen

Displaying Frequently Used Modes Preferentially

Customizing the [Home] Screen

How to Customize the [Home] Screen

Adding Icons to the [Home] Screen

Creating a Folder on the [Home] Screen

Changing the Order of Icons on the [Home] Screen

Deleting an Icon on the [Home] Screen

Changing the [Home] Screen's Wallpaper

Initializing the [Home] Screen

Checking Machine Status and Settings

Managing Jobs

Types of Screens to Manage Jobs

Checking Jobs in the Job List

Changing the Order of Jobs

Holding Jobs

Deleting Jobs

Checking the Job History

Using the Browser Function

Precautions for Using the Browser Function

Displaying a Web Page

Printing a Web Page

Printing and Saving PDF Files Downloaded from Web Pages

Downloading Images from a Web Page

Browser Settings

Sending Scan Files to My E-mail Address (Scan to Me)

Operating the Machine from a Smart Device