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How to Customize the [Home] Screen

You can customize the [Home] screen to make it more accessible.

The icons of each application and widget are displayed on the [Home] screen. You can create a folder to organize icons and change the image specified for the wallpaper of the [Home] screen. You can also add shortcuts to programs registered in Standard Applications, Quick Applications, [Copier (Classic)],

[Fax (Classic)], and [Scanner (Classic)].

For details about the items on the [Home] screen, see How to Use the [Home] Screen.

Operation panel screen illustration


  • You cannot add or move icons if the [Home] screen does not have enough space for more icons, folders, or widgets.

  • You can register a total of 60 icons for shortcuts, 12 icons on each of the 5 pages.

  • Only the first 30 characters and spaces can be displayed on the shortcut icon. The 30th character is displayed as [...] and successive characters are completely hidden.

  • Shortcuts to programs stored in Document Server mode cannot be registered to the [Home] screen.

  • When user authentication is enabled, customize the [Home] screen after logging in to the machine.