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Image Repeat

The original image is copied repeatedly.

Illustration of Image Repeat

The number of repeated images depends on the original size, paper size, and reproduction ratio. For example, see the following tables:

Original sizes paper sizes

4 repeats (71%)

16 repeats (35%)

A5Portrait A4Portrait

A5Landscape A4Landscape

51/2 × 81/2Portrait 81/2 × 11Portrait

51/2 × 81/2Landscape 81/2 × 11Landscape

Illustration of Image Repeat

Illustration of Image Repeat

Original sizes paper sizes

2 repeats (100%)

8 repeats (50%)

32 repeats (25%)

A5Portrait A4Landscape

A5Landscape A4Portrait

51/2 × 81/2Portrait 81/2 × 11Landscape

51/2 × 81/2Landscape 81/2 × 11Portrait

Illustration of Image Repeat

Illustration of Image Repeat

Illustration of Image Repeat

1Press [Edit / Stamp].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Edit Image].

3Press [Image Repeat].

4Press [OK].

5Select the size of copy paper and the reproduction ratio.


  • Depending on the paper size, ratio, and orientation, parts of repeated images may not be copied.

  • You can change the settings for Image Repeat under [Edit] in User Tools. For details, see Edit.

  • You can repeatedly copy the image of the specified area. Measure the vertical and horizontal lengths of the area you want to copy from the base point, and then enter each length in [Custom Size] in [Special Original]. Place the original on the exposure glass to copy.

    Illustration of Image Repeat

    1. Base point

    2. Horizontal length

    3. Vertical length