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Enabling DIPRINT

DIPRINT is a protocol for direct printing from a computer. Enable DIPRINT using Web Image Monitor or telnet.

This setting is needed to use a printer settings file. Otherwise, you do not need to specify this setting. For details about the printer settings file, see Configuring a Printer Settings File.

When using Web Image Monitor

1Start Web Image Monitor.

2Click [Login], and then log in as a network administrator.

3In the menu area, click [Configuration] on the [Device Management] menu.

4Under "Network", click [IPv4].

5Select [Active] for "DIPRINT" in "Details".

6Click [OK].

7Click [Logout], and then quit Web Image Monitor.

When using telnet

1Start telnet, and then log in to the machine as a network administrator.

2Enable DIPRINT.

msh> set diprint up

3Quit telnet.

msh> logout

4A message asking you to confirm saving the changes appears, and then enter "yes".

5Press the [Enter] key.


  • For details about how to start Web Image Monitor, see the manuals that were provided with your machine.